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MY sportsLIFE







You know you are a Goan when ......
? You eat Sorpotel
? No matter where you go in the world you will find
another Goan named D'Souza or Fernandes.
? You would rather know what village someones
great grandfather came from before being introduced
? Other nationalities don't know whether it is a
coincidence or incest when you also introduce your
wife as a former D'Souza and you really scare them
when you say your brother also married a D'Souza.
? When you tell your parents you got 98% in an exam
and they ask you what happened to the other two percent.
? You put your clothes in suitcases instead of wardrobes.
? Your mother has a minor disagreement with her sister & doesn't talk to her for ten years.
? You call an older person you've never met before "uncle".
? You hide everything from your parents.
? Your mother does everything for you if you are a male.
? You do all the housework & cooking if you are a female.
? You think you can sing.
? Your best friend got married at the age of 18.
? You like the meat well done.
? You eat onions with everything.
? You fight over who pays the dinner bill.
? You don't understand what "No, thank you" means after you have offered food to someone ....and yet you keep on insisting.
? You have to outdo your friends with something that is bigger, better, more expensive even if you can't afford it.
? You're walking out of customs with your trolley at the airport and you see all 25 members of your family who have come to pick you up.
? You go back to Goa & people treat you like a member of the royal family.
? You ask your dad a simple question & he tells you the story of how he had to walk miles barefoot just to get to school.
? When you were little you always wondered why your English friends waited until after breakfast to brush their teeth when you did it first thing in the morning.
? You wonder how odd it would be to see your parents get within one foot of each other (forget about holding hands!).
? You have annoying & funny nicknames like Pitush, Babush,
Bostiao, Popot, etc.
? Your mother measures wealth in gold & diamonds.
? You are really confused whether or not you are Portuguese.......heaven forbid Indian...!
? Your parents push you to get married all the time
but find all other races other than Goan unacceptable.
? Your parents accuse you of dressing like a "hampulem"
? You get excited whenever "Xevttto, Bangddo, Vissonn or Tal'lo" is mentioned.
? No one ever seems to call ahead of time to say they are coming over for a visit.
? You miss a Goan dance and your friends tell you there were lots of young people there.
? You cheerfully give away your favorite recipes when asked but intentionally leave out the most important ingredients.
? You see pictures of the Caribean and you say "it's
just like Goa"
? Portuguese & Brazilian footballers are all Goans for you.
?You've spent a lot of time & effort getting the pulao just right & all your Goan friends proceed to dump salt in it.
? Two minutes into a conversation you tell a stranger
you have 2 acres,20 teak trees, 30 coconut.
? You are comfortable going for a holiday back to Goa
in May...just to sample the mangoes/jackfruits and miskut.
?A majority of your wardrobe consists of football club t-shirts.
? You don't know how to hold a cricket bat yet you talk cricket...
? You think 'pilots' ride rajdoot motorcycles.
?You are well versed in property law even though you're a welder by profession and haven't passed 10th grade.
?You have six middle names most of which you cannot pronounce.
? You run out of the door when you hear a coconut falling.
? Your entire family is constantly fighting over property they all inherited from somebody else.
? You make your way back to the village after 15 years
just to celebrate the church feast in your ancestral
house just to show everybody you are still a "bhatkar".
? You interject 'what', 'men' and 're' in every line of your conversation.
? You drink/bathe in well water even though you have a tap connection.
? You eat last night's curry the next morning.
? You call mangoes by portuguese names.
? Lastly, you are certainly not Goan if you don't eat
Pig, dance, drink Feni and drive!!!!!!!!

- courtesy sweetnspicy(Bahrain)


Onyx of Love...


After every solitary night,
The sun will shine bright,
After every season
There's a new light
There's a reason
For each darkness,
For each night.
Whatever happens
Is for your good
It's for your might...

A silver lining
Behind every cloud
A highlighted sky
Beyond the shroud
Chased the wind
To touch a rose
The perfect one
Amongst the crowd
Hurt my fingers
With its burning thorns
Screamed with pain
Cried out loud...

In times of grief,
Hearts merge,
Compassions reveal
It's true worth
Love evolves
Into one's comfort
The heart loves
The mind revokes
Sleepless nights
Dreamless hopes...

It's that friendship
The best gift of all
A better gift
I cannot recall
Loved, and lost
Its not a downfall
It could be worse
Not to have loved at all
Live a hundred lives
Die a thousand deaths
No matter where in life
The paths may crawl
The heart will desire
The most beloved doll...

One may swing the bat and
Still lose the game,
But beneath the loss,
There may be gain
Cause when you win,
You wanna play again
Only when you fall,
Do you learn to stand
Played & lost but,
Look at the end.
Youre not a winner
Not a loser either
Neither an enemy nor a lover
You are somebody's
Treasured souvenir...

Dont curse trouble
It teaches to pray
Only He loves you
Great is His way!
Be yourself,
Hope for the best
Never forget to say
** "Happy are those..."
For "they will receive
What God has promised"
So, again I repeat,
Whatever happens
Is for your good,
It's for your benefit...

Never cease...
Let your heart give a try,
Dont stop those tears falling
Though you know,
A few would reach
To wipe your sigh !
Nothing great
In the routine 'hi'
Loved and Liked
despis'd and denied
Will remain a friend
Known as a cyanide !..

Life of a human
Is an arrow's flight,
Out of darkness
Into light
There's a desire
Love and anger
Whether we run
Whether we hide
The wind blows
The earth rotates
Whether we live
Whether we die
Expect a new horizon,
To climb a new height
Expect a new sun
To shine ever so bright
Expect that unique smile
In every beautiful sight
Expect a dazzling rainbow
In the middle of
A dark solitary night !...

Unless you part,
How will you miss?
True love strikes,
Like a kiss
From a butterfly
When you meet again,
The joy will multiply
It's the reality
Reality of life,
One can't deny
Emotions no longer
Make you cry
Foolish minds are kept aside,
Live in love all your life
Love and live till you die
Looking forward
Hoping for a touch
Hoping for a smile
Dreams should be true
Only in paradise
A new soul takes birth,
When your beloved bids goodbye!

** Matthew 5:5

- composed & dedicated to the perfect rose...
(13th February, 2002)






click here to download dance of the millenium - courtesy 'Chocolate Freeda'



Happenings in GOA

Political Views & Opinions

Newspapers/Magazines in Konkani



A debut album of Walt-Simon Productions will be released in Kuwait, at the function of the One-act play competition in Konkani organized by United Club of Utorda-Kuwait in association with Goan Welfare Society (GWS) to be held at the Indian Arts Circle, Funaitees on 15th February, 2002.

The album in both CD/Cassette form features songs by leading artistes Nephie Rod, Peter-Roshan, Menino Mario, Elcy Cabral, Elvis Goes, etc. In this dynamic presentation the title song 'Onath' is sung by baby Stephanie. The sweet voiced kid has another song 'Why go to School' which every child would want to hear. Nephie Rod has two melodious solos, 'Saude' and 'Soput', each one better than the other. Juju sings a terrific song titled 'Ugddas' which is wonderfully composed. Peter-Roshan has two scintillating duets which prove why they are prominent as one of the leading duet-singers. Their songs 'Adulteration' and 'Pornno Fottaro' attest their trademark singing dexterity. Elcy Cabral renders her nightingale voice after a long time in a song entitled 'Lorie'. Established singer Menino Mario provides his voice to a dazzling number called 'Goeam Sodorlem'.

Simon Dias, an expatriate in Kuwait but presently on holidays in Goa released the cassette in Goa on 7th February, 2002. He pays tribute to the legendary music maestro Chris Perry in a specially composed song. Co-producer Walter Cabral's 'Somajik Vavurpi' and Academy Award Winner Elvis Goes' 'Fottoilo' are the other songs in the album.

The music for this unique album with a different style and rhythm is provided by renowned musician Babush and is choreographed by Benny. Juju takes credit for the song lyrics.

To collect a specifically recorded album please contact Mr.Avelino Dias, Tel. No. 9541045 (Kuwait).


click here for konkani lyrics : courtesy Mykel Gomes