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Jesus weeping tears of blood


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Portrait of Sacred Heart of Jesus which wept tears of blood

picture of jesus weeping tears...

Portrait of Jesus weeping tears of blood at Camurlim

The sleepy village of Camurlim in Salcete woke up on 27th February 2003 to hear the news of a portrait of Sacred Heart of Jesus weeping blood.

As news of the extraordinary event spread like wildfire, thousands of people irrespective of creed, thronged Our Lady of Candelaria Church at Ambora-Camurlim throughout the day and till late evening.

The faithfuls could see dried red-colour blood-like substance in the region of the eyes and chest, making it appear that the tears were flowing across the Sacred Heart.

The event occurred in the house of Mascarenhas family at Naquelim-Camurlim on late Wednesday night. Fourteen-year-old, Steffi Karande, a tenth standard student, said she first saw tears rolling down from the portrait at 11.30 pm the previous night. The portrait was kept in the wall cupboard of a bedroom, after its glass frame broke when it came down all of a sudden from the main altar, somewhere in January last.

As Steffi reportedly saw tears coming down on the portrait, she woke up her elder sister, Sonia, who had just gone to sleep in the same room. Both said they were completely taken aback when the tears turned red and decided to inform the other family members, who knelt down before the portrait and recited the Holy Rosary.

Soon, the news were conveyed to the immediate neighbours and by midnight, a lot of people gathered at the house to have a glimpse of the portrait. One of the neighbour Jack is reported to have touched the portrait to ascertain the truth in the happening as is evident by the blur on the portrait.

It was past midnight that the news was communicated to the Parish Priest of Our Lady of Candeleria, Fr Antonio Lopes, who personally went to the house and later took the portrait in his custody.

The portrait later was kept for veneration in the Church premises as streams of devotees began to pour in the village. Men and women, the old and the young and children were seen standing in a big queue to have a glimpse of the portrait. The faithful were seen fervently saying the Rosary and prayers as they patiently waited for their turn.

Around 3 pm, the queue stretched to a kilometer away from the Church and people still poured from all corners of the State till 8 in the evening.

Some of the people who had a glimpse of the portrait told Herald that it is certainly a different one from the normal picture of Sacred Heart of Jesus. A teacher, Katy Lobo from Loutolim said this is a sign Jesus is trying to reveal himself in these difficult times. Involved in the Charismatic renewal movement, Lobo interpreted the event as being a clear message of suffering that Jesus wants everyone to change our lives.

How it happened: Steffi narrates the unusual event at camurlim

Jesus was apparently trying to convey something to us, was how a sobbing 14-year old Steffi and her elder sister, Sonia (16) said while narrating last nights unusual event in their house.

An uncontrollable Steffi said she was studying till late night in view of the forthcoming SSC exams. Just then, Sonia went to sleep and my sight suddenly went on the half-open wall cupboard, where I noticed something different on the portrait of Jesus, she recalled. Suddenly, tears began rolling down from Jesus eyes, an emotion-choked Steffi said, prompting her to wake up her elder sister.

I too saw the tears on the portrait of Jesus, Sonia, who is studying in Std XI Arts at Rosary school said. All of a sudden, the tears turned red. I went close to the cupboard to have a close view and the substance was wet too, she recalled but said the substance would not go when she tried to wipe it.The two sisters then knelt down, cried aloud and prayed before informing the other members of the family.

May be Jesus was trying to give some sign for us. I feel Jesus was asking us to pray, may be because of the impending war, Sonia said. Streams of people were also seen visiting the Mascarenhas family throughout the day after having a glimpse of the portrait at the Church premises.

An elderly woman, Maria Joaquina Mascarenhas, who stays in the house informed that the portrait was kept in the wall cupboard after it fell from the main altar last month. Since the glass broke, we replaced the portrait with a new one, she said.
"Visions are generally subjective and need more careful examination. The world-famous pilgrimage sites of Fatima and Lourdes in France, where similar visions appeared, took years before being officially recognised."