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Are you in love..? - Part II
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Birth of Angel...30.10.2007

"Why am I afraid to lose you when you're not even mine..."



Writing about love and generating interest in it is never easy, given the fact that it has been discussed over and over since time immemorial. But still the lure of talking on it is never too less. Always wanted to write on this but my thoughts were a total maze...I am not still sure if they are clear enough even today...


When you are in love, you feel as if you want to give everything to the person you love... Everything works so smooth in the beginning cause only two people are involved and know very well they love each other very much. They are so much in love that things become public...the relationship somehow leaks out and the parents and society, our favorite society comes to know and then the lovers realize about the reality of life and the outcome of love.


Well, to love some one is very easy but it's very difficult to get the same one you have loved for keeps... 

"Truly loving another means letting go of all expectations... It means full acceptance, even celebration of another's personhood."


Sometimes the heart wonders at the magic of one person. You marvel at the incredible power that person wields... Yes!...Everyone will agree there is nothing like love in this world. And true love is special in countless ways...


We should be lying if we say one forgets our real love... actually we never do... Like first drop of monsoon... it is so welcome... wonderfully refreshing, subtle and smooth in its ways...Most of the time, amazingly sudden, yet it's slow piling up in the subconscious is such a paradox in itself. Building slowly and going to its peak like first drop to thunderous rain.


The whole process is unimaginable and the results are something we savor and hold close to our hearts...


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Love is the flower you've got to let grow. - john lennon


Oh! How you wish love to last till eternity...! If it doesn't last the way one wants it to last, the brooding over remains always unfinished... only to be more pondered over in the years to come...


The elusive thought constantly haunts...Maybe you lose your love but the sweet memories you adore all your life time can never stop your self loving...


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Life goes on...yes...but as years go on, suddenly you realize, whatever it takes, you want to get back your real love. Life's stark realities which once faded (or you denied to admit it's presence...) shine like hot summer sun... ridiculing in your face. Suddenly love seems elusive, non-existent... even hateful !!!...


Once a source of infinite goodies, suddenly begin to look awful... You realize then how much more difficult it has become for you to smile... to be happy even for some real genuine reason of happiness. Yeah...the same you who wore a perpetual grin even during the lousiest moments of life... You loathe your stoic existence, but can't really help it..!


Humans have an insatiable hunger for love... Love is the feeling which can never be described. It's so wonderful loving someone just without reason...The heart looks for love and goes where it finds it... again to be broken in most of the cases... but human nature defies all logic... the hangover is so intense, it makes one search his past in the present.


And it goes on like this for years...only bringing more heartaches with it... Slowly it ebbs away and the gradual way love sneaked into your heart dies out... but the carcass still remains in some dilapidated corner of your heart...


You don't want to part ways with it or shall I say it doesn't want to leave your 'sweet' cozy heart 'coz you hear yourself whisper time and again:


"You are just a darling what more can i say?.. I will miss you always..!"


-gasper crasto


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