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Churchill the Great...Part I
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Churchill the Great...Part I


Greetings !

***Churchill is flying to New Delhi. An air-hostess comes over and asks, "Sir, what would you like to have? Tea, coffee?..."

Churchill replies, "Black tea...... with milk..."

The Air-hostess politely says, "With pleasure sir..."

Churchill shouts back, "No, not with pleasure...with sugar..."

***The air-hostess comes over after a while and finds Churchill writing on a pad. Knowing that Churchill is a famous personality, she asks, "Sir, what is that you're writing?.... a new speech?"

Churchill: "No..., I am writing a poem."

The air- hostess is curious, "Poem?" she says " you write on Nature, sir?"

Churchill: "Ofcourse not...I write on paper!..."


****Churchill is at a hospital. "Nurse, I am very eager to know my blood group."

The Nurse politely says, "B positive!"

Churchill:"Nurse, please tell me soon...."

The nurse replies again, "B positive, sir..."

Churchill gets hot. "Madam, I am positive, but just eager to know the blood group...Will you tell me!"


***Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once met our great Churchill. "Mr. Churchill, are there any Jews in Goa?" He inquires.


Churchill replies quickly, "Plenty!... which one are you talking about?...we have pineapple juice, orange juice, mango name it and we have it...."


Ariel Sharon smiles and says, "No...No Mr. Churchill, I don't mean this type of juice...I mean...."


Churchill interupts, "I know what you mean....but i'am sorry... cashew juice is not served at five stars...but i can arrange..."

Jokes interpreted as told by friends; Cartoon by Alyxyz from the net

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