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a 'talk with the devil' - the choice is yours...08/11/2002
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"the choice is yours..."
 a 'talk' with the devil



The other night, in my dreams I was speaking with the Devil and asked him why he was such an evil, despicable creature...I was quite surprised and taken aback by his excuse and how he tried to blame God for his poor image... 


the devil's excuse...

"It's not my fault," the Devil said, "that I'am so evil. It's God's fault. He's the Creator of all things... God created everything, even good and evil. God even let man create the concepts of blame, guilt and shame so they could have a scapegoat for their shortcomings and wouldn't have to take responsibility for them... God created man with the potential to be good or evil and created me to be the fall guy."

"God only wants to take the credit for the good things that happen and has set me up for all the bad things. God only wants to be praised...'Praised be God' and all that stuff... God created me with the power to lead people into temptation, so He can deliver them from evil... "

"God only wants to take the credit for delivering the things people say they want and created me to be cursed as the bad guy and to live in hell while He lives in Heaven and floats around on a cloud... But guess what! God is a fraud!!!... God doesn't deliver anything unless somebody chooses something and is willing to work to make it happen."

I told the Devil his excuse doesn't cut it... He didn't have to live the role God set him up to play. I told him he wants to play the part of the Devil...he even likes the power he has being the D evil. He even has evil in his name... He had a choice to be anything he wanted to be... He doesn't have to live up to the expectations or roles others placed on him, not even God's. He didn't have to be evil... He didn't have to lead people into temptation... He might not be able to be God, but he could help people and not hurt people and so be the nicest guy in the universe. It was his choice...


Now you my friend!..If you're not getting what you want from life, WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE ?.. It's not up to God to give you what you say you want... or the Devil to hold you back. It has been said, "God helps those who help themselves." It might also be said the same thing about you and the Devil...


The Devil will help you get what you say you don't want..., because he has a way of knowing what you really want..! For what you get is what you really want, or you'd be doing something to get different results...won't you?...


Don't be like the Devil and make excuses when life seems to give you what you say you didn't ask for... Take charge of your life and don't make excuses... Don't ever say, "THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT."


This message is a special write-up to us all... Don't make excuses...Excuses do not get anything done... Excuses don't change circumstances. It is neither God nor the Devil who determines what you get from life... Only you, you alone do... and you do it by the choices you make...


gasper crasto

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