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kuwait prepares for war
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Operation Iraqi Liberation


Kuwait prepares for war...



With 250,000 coalition troops amassed on the Iraq/Kuwait border, and UN forces withdrawn from the demilitarised zone between the two nations, is the worry of a war weighing heavily on ordinary civilians?..."We have not many worries about a war. We trust in God. This is not to say we are being lazy, we have made preparations." are the comments of some people.

Shops across Kuwait were running out of gas masks yesterday as the countdown to war suddenly quickened. The worry shown by most Kuwaitis at the prospect of conflict has given way to an inelegant scramble in the shopping aisles. More than 20,000 gas masks have been sold in the past fortnight according to some sources.


Kuwaitis have also been stocking up on food supplies and creating air-tight "chemical" shelters in their houses following advice by the Kuwaiti government.

But though clearly rattled by the sudden intensification of American military preparations, people in Kuwait do not appear to be preparing to flee. With heavily armed police jeeps at many crossroads, checkpoints and shopping mall entrances, and signs for public bomb shelters sprouting across town, Kuwait looks to be prepared for the attack...

It has been noted that the Kuwaiti authorities - unlike the Israelis - have not issued gas masks to the general population. A war in Iraq would start with a massive, concentrated air campaign against key military, government and presidential targets, according to military analysts.

The assault would be spearheaded by US and British aircraft based in Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Carrier-based aircraft, and sea and air-launched cruise missiles would also join the attack.

The Kuwait Liberation Tower (Left)



Pentagon officials have spoken of an awesome barrage of more than 3,000 precision weapons in the first 48 hours.

It is the result of more than a dozen years of surveillance and intelligence work, providing today's planners with an unparalleled picture of what is out there.



People in the Gulf are well aware that Saddam Hussein has used chemical weapons in the past and he may do so again.

Actors and public figures all over the globe have been speaking out against the possible war with Iraq through protests, public appearances and advertisements. But hopes for diplomacy look slim now and troops in Kuwait are preparing for action.

With the war clouds getting closer, more than three lakh Indian expatriates in Kuwait are keeping their fingers crossed hoping that crisis will soon blow away.

(News & photos from various sources - 19th March 2003)

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