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Birth of Angel...30.10.2007



I was awaiting the red to turn green at the signal point on Tunis street leading to the 4th Ring Road. Just as it turned green, my cell started to buzz. I grabbed it to check who it was. The next moment I was stunned to see the Mitsubishi Galant I was driving ram into a Chevrolet in front of me. A Kuwaiti lady hopped out of the Chevy shouting in Arabic. I got out of the car - shaken ! Luckily, there was little damage but not enough to save me a trip to the police station...


Wireless telephones, often called cell, mobile or PCS phones may seem like the "must-have" accessory of the moment but they seem to be more of a nuisance for peaceful minds. There is much controversy about them being injurious to health, proven by scientists to be the cause of the dreaded Alzhemiers disease, but their convenience overrides all fears of any health risks. The freedom and mobility they offer within and without one's home are well worth any physical side effects. Wireless phones are already pretty cool - but you haven't seen anything yet.

Today's phones are great for chatting of course and instant messaging and e-mail. Some phones serve as portable television and MP3 players and as digital cameras too. But things will get better with what the wireless industry calls 3-G phones... That's short for Third Generation. Third Generation phones will bring high-speed Internet connections to your wireless phone... 

More than ever before, the cell phones are the new sign of prosperity, a bit of snobbism. In Goa, I have seen even a toddy tapper on duty proudly brandishing a cell phone strapped to his waist alongside the traditional 'kati'... Cell phones are becoming so popular among teens here in Kuwait that school administrators are now starting to monitor use more closely. Even though most kids have cell phones for the sole purpose of checking in with their parents, there has been a shift in the true need for the phones.

The focus is rapidly changing from personal safety to simply personal use. Restaurants are filled with people sitting across from one another, each speaking to a third party on their cells...

Seeing strangers in this predicament is fine, but the other day I saw it happen in my own proximity. I was looking forward to hear some news from Goa when two of my friends agreed to meet me after coming back from vacation. Rather than catch up with their lives, I found them both on the phone, constantly making or receiving calls and sms. The situation was hilarious!..

It made me aware of another health hazard of this new addiction: never being where one is, never being with whom one is, and missing the present moment - the here and now !.. Such a scene makes me aware of how we are all becoming prisoners of our conveniences: imprisoned in our cells...cell phones, that is.

Modern technology is showering us with innocent distractions but unless we utilize them, we will be used by them and lose the most precious contact - with our own innermost being...  

Cable TV, endless net surfing, untold gadgets, computers and so on keep us engaged, occupied and distracted that we are almost comatose. Their benefits are endless but the contact that happens either by looking into the eyes of our beloved, a friend, family members - or closing your eyes and looking within - needs to remain in balance; otherwise sooner or later we will be out of touch, unable to utter a coherent sentence without stuttering or becoming shy, incapable of speaking...


gasper crasto

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