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KIFF Referees XI 2002-2003

KIFF Exhibition Soccer Match in Kuwait on Eid Festival Day


Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002


To celebrate the Eid Festival, Kuwait Indian Football Federation (KIFF) will organize a soccer match on the first day of Eid at Sour Grounds, Kuwait City,  starting at 8.30 a.m. between KIFF XI and KIFF Referees XI.


Renowned ex-national and Salgaocar-Goa footballer Gaspar Crasto currently of Navelim, will lead KIFF Referees. Since his arrival in Kuwait a few years back Gaspar Crasto while on top of his form in Goa creating ripples all around soccer arena is still maintaining his firm grip over his talented soccer art at Sour Grounds amongst the Indians in general and Goans in particular.


KIFF Referees Body is manned by Fidelis Fernandes (Administrator) and assisted by Inacio Faleiro, Anselmo Furtado and Lawry Pinto as coordinators.


-A.Veronica Fernandes



 (Pic by: Rewon Gomes)

Excerpts from Gulf Goans e-newsletter