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secret of drawing attention...08/12/2000
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"If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth." 
                                                                                    -Psalms 137:6

the secret of drawing attention
-as told by my dad Rafael Crasto

It was a bright and sunny morning. I got out of bed with the feeling that nothing in the world could go wrong for me. It was my birthday and the feast of Mary Immaculate at the Holy Spirit Church, Margao.

There was abundant joy in my heart. It was just one of those days when I felt I could shake hands even with my worst enemy. Having had a wash, I sat for breakfast and got lost in a long chat with my sweet wife Mariani, little realizing that it was about time that I should be leaving for the 8 am mass.

I got dressed up in a real hurry, waved good-bye to my wife and walked hurriedly out. Over my shoulders I could see that she was trying to draw my attention and trying to tell me something. But I was in such a hurry that I did not bother to listen to her.

On the way I came across an elderly man on his morning walk. He too was trying to draw my attention to something. But I just wished him 'Dev boro dis divum' and walked on.

Up ahead I came across a couple of college girls who looked in my direction and started to giggle. I could see one of them whispering something in the ear of her colleague. At fifty plus and being a father of three, I was surprised that even at this age I could draw the attention of young girls. This made me feel twenty years younger. I gave them a broad smile and said "Borim mugo?".

All of a sudden I had the feeling that everyone was taking note of me. This made me even happier. Still ahead one young lady covered her mouth as if in disbelief. Another 'auntie' after giving me a long stare all of a sudden began to look in the other direction.


As I entered the bus, I had a feeling that all the bus passengers were just staring at me. A couple of girls looked at me and broke into a laugh. By now I began to feel uneasy. Why was I being a centre of attraction for everyone? Did I not comb my hair properly? I wondered...


I reached the church and sat comfortably at the front row. It was then that I discovered the mystery behind all the attention I received on my way to there. As I was about to kneel down I saw my pant was unzipped.

<Born on 8th December 1933, my dad passed away on 16th December 1996> 

-text personalized & written in remembrance.

           -gasper crasto


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