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A debut album of Walt-Simon Productions will be released in Kuwait, at the function of the One-act play competition in Konkani organized by United Club of Utorda-Kuwait in association with Goan Welfare Society (GWS) to be held at the Indian Arts Circle, Funaitees on 15th February, 2002.

The album in both CD/Cassette form features songs by leading artistes Nephie Rod, Peter-Roshan, Menino Mario, Elcy Cabral, Elvis Goes, etc. In this dynamic presentation the title song 'Onath' is sung by baby Stephanie. The sweet voiced kid has another song 'Why go to School' which every child would want to hear. Nephie Rod has two melodious solos, 'Saude' and 'Soput', each one better than the other. Juju sings a terrific song titled 'Ugddas' which is wonderfully composed. Peter-Roshan has two scintillating duets which prove why they are prominent as one of the leading duet-singers. Their songs 'Adulteration' and 'Pornno Fottaro' attest their trademark singing dexterity. Elcy Cabral renders her nightingale voice after a long time in a song entitled 'Lorie'. Established singer Menino Mario provides his voice to a dazzling number called 'Goeam Sodorlem'.

Simon Dias, an expatriate in Kuwait but presently on holidays in Goa released the cassette in Goa on 7th February, 2002. He pays tribute to the legendary music maestro Chris Perry in a specially composed song. Co-producer Walter Cabral's 'Somajik Vavurpi' and Academy Award Winner Elvis Goes' 'Fottoilo' are the other songs in the album.

The music for this unique album with a different style and rhythm is provided by renowned musician Babush and is choreographed by Benny. Juju takes credit for the song lyrics.

To collect a specifically recorded album please contact Mr.Avelino Dias, Tel. No. 9541045 (Kuwait).