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Churchill the Great...Part II
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Churchill the Great...Part II


Greetings !

Churchill goes for a computer course. The Instructor questions, "Sir, you must have heard of Windows."

As usual Churchill is quick to reply, "Yes!...In most government offices we have the single window clearance concept.

The computer teacher: "Have you installed Windows at home?"

Churchill: "I have sealed all windows due to increased burglaries."

The teacher is confused, "Then what is the system you operate on? Hope you are familiar with the internet."

Churchill: "Oh Yes! Due to increased mosquito problems we are sleeping under the net these days..."

The teacher (feeling very uneasy): Sir, do you regularly use Laptop?"

Churchill: "My brother's son sleeps on top of my lap sometimes..."

The teacher sweating, "The new Minister knows quite a lot about RAM and ROM.

Churchill: "RUM? I doubt...He might know more about Caju Feni...He hardly drinks Rum."


Churchill learns English...

Churchill attends an advanced English course where he is asked to translate a few common sentences in Konkani to English.

*Salvador, tum novem ghor kaddta zalear, hea bashen kadd.
Churchill: Salador, if you are taking out a new house, take it out in this language.

*Atanche dakte bhurge cigeretti vodtat.
Churchill: Nowadays these small boys are pulling cigarettes.


*Zonn eklean ap-aple poixe moddun ghor bandunk zai.

Churchill: Each one should break their own money and tie the house.


*Aiz hanv sarko thoklam, nidd eta.

Churchill: Today I'am very much tired, sleep coming.


*Aiz-Kal zata tem sonspachem?

Churchill : Today-yesterday happening can we bear?


*Mhaka vhoddlo 'shirt' dhi. Ho mhaka zaina.

Churchill:Give me a bigger shirt. This is not happening.


*Aiz mojea jivak borem disonam.

Churchill: Today my life cannot see good.


Jokes interpreted as heard from friends; Cartoon by alexyz - from the net.

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