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Happy Valentines...Memories left behind - De Godfather...14/02/2004

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-------Original Message-------


From: Godfather

Date: Saturday, February 14, 2004 11:16:52


Subject: HI CHIEF!!...happy valentines


Hi Gasper!


Thanks a lot for the wonderful piece of yourself you have shared with me.


There were tears in my eyes by the time I reached the end.


May the good Lord Bless u and keep the way you are always.


thanks once again.



Appreciate You...


 gaspers World <> wrote:

dear viet,

had been for ben's drama 'devak zai zalear' at the Indian Arts circle...Britto got us tickets in the 3rd row from front...think i never saw a drama from that close...never wanted to go but britto insisted; he and his wife don't miss out on dramas...the hall was packed but I did not like the drama even a bit.....

being valentines day on 14th Feb, i just thought of writing soemthng since you love to read...Last 2 valentines, i had gone to Wafra desert and spent time watching the camels....(somethng different when the new generation would usually have a good time being valentines on this day...) but I've always been different.....this time it's a pity 14th feb is a workng day...the camels will miss me surely....i know you will laugh...

Somehow, people get to know me very late...I have noted this all my life....During my school days, I was always an 'A' grade student but there was a girl who used to beat me in English.....It was a time when i couldn't understand why 'bird' and 'curd' were spelt way differently when they sounded similar...this girl used to speak such fluent english that i used to note words she spoke, go home and look in the dictionary for meanings...


She was in my class from 7th to 10th standard...the worst part is she always used to fight with me....and i used to fight with how kids usually can say she was my worst enemy that time....There was no difference between boys and girls at that age...we used to fight with girls just the way we fought wth boys... 


There is an incident that happened which reminds me of valentines day...


During the Interval, we always used to play with chalks on the black board... One day, this girl just drew a monkey on the board in my absence, and when i came in the class she started fingering me - telling the whole class to see my picture on the board...Before anyone could wipe out the picture our teacher walked in for the next period. The teacher was the strictest and meanest i can remember... He just asked the class in a harsh tone, 'who drew the picture on the board'..(Maybe he thought the monkey was him)... I wanted to point out to that girl straightaway but i just kept quiet...and the whole class kept quiet...


Everybody said they were out during interval...Like most teachrs who ask the brilliant students first (self glorifying), the teacher asked me. I said I didn't know. He asked that girl and she said my name in her tip-top accent and pointed at me. Maybe she thought it was funny but I was shocked. I was too dumb with my English to complain. The teacher asked me again. I wanted to say, 'come-on sir, it's not your picture!' or something like that and the thought made me smile...


When he asked again angrily, I knew he was serious. Without a second thought I simply said, "yes sir, I drew it..."


He slept me so hard, that i saw some stars during broad daylight...He asked me why i lied when he first asked me... I kept quiet... He ordered me to take my books and march out of the class. 'I don't need monkeys in my class" he shouted. Though I was hurt, I did not cry. I just took my books and as I was about to leave I glanced at that girl... There were tears flowing down her cheeks like water....


I smiled at her and left the class. Next day, the girl said sorry to me atleast a thousand times...she never fought with me from then on till we passed out from school...


I never remembered that incident or got to see that girl till the last time I went on vacation. I met her brother who knows me. When i inquired about her, he took me to their home. She looks a way different...and has 3 kids now.... I was surprised to hear about the old incident from her mouth. And she still feels sorry about it...I had a great laugh...She said, "I have alwasy remembered that incident and you all have been my only valentine..."


She really said those words....It was nice to hear that....i had never even thought of that girl in my life and i told her so...and if it was not for her brother, i would never even know she was alive...


Really it was nice to hear that she thought of me in a good way...We've never been in touch with each other but this valentine, i am going to pray for her and her family...


wishing you a happy valentines day...may you have all the love and happiness you deserve...



gasper crasto

--- x ---

Viet's mailing list: comments by Melanie Noronha:


----Original Message Follows----
From: "Melanie Noronha" <>
Subject: RE: A tribute to "De Godfather"

Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 09:32:50 +0300

Dear Gasper,
Though Viet has spoken of you a number of times and shown me on the Soor ground, I am yet to put a face to the name!
If there was one person's mail that Viet loved to share with me, it was yours. And when you had a posting of his put on your website, he was absolutely thrilled.  Thank you for that.  He was as excited as a small kid who had just received a new toy from Santa!  I remember that day!
Viet loved to forward mails and his address list was beyond imagination. I often asked him how he managed to keep in touch with so many people.  That's what he loved to do, make friends and forward mails.
He did share with me the valentine message that you had sent him.  I remember it all too well. He was deeply moved by it.