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Birth of Angel...30.10.2007

My Transition Page

"Please don't let me loose life's vivid fantasies,

the whistling of a midnight breeze

and the rising of a shaded sunset...

I want to embrace the secret of a rose petals musical lyrics...

Don't let me overlook the evil pitfalls which block my path.

 I want to live, laugh and dream..."

my angel...
a dream of an angel...

New Page 1


"Let His will be done..."

shivers down the spine

seeping deep
  within my bones...
curses to God
frustrations of life
  reflected in my moans ! 

cascade of tears

each teardrop
  a perfect pearl...
the night near to dawn
lost in thoughts
    thinking of my angel !..

slowly but surely,
my heart wanders
  wondering how she is...
and suddenly she appears
on a silver chariot
   seated with comfort and ease...

she stops right in front
i look toward her
  and end my trepidation...
a feeling of relief 
runs over me
like a tidal wave's transition...
the heart stops to beat
as i see wonders
  beyond my perception...
tears start to flow
as she talks to me
  with love and affection...

emotions flood me thro'
as she watches my face
 raging out of control...
the next thing i savor
is the warmth of her embrace
  and the bliss of my soul...

on a tour of heaven
we stop and listen,
  to the chorus of angels...
the innocent voices
singing in tune
  clear as crystals...
the perfect faces
and golden wings
i hear a thunder
and see a lightning
she turns to me
as i ask it's origin
"that's not thunder
that's not lightning..."
she smiles and says,
  "...that is God speaking!"

i gasp as i realize
the words she utter
who do we think
created the wonders
the moon, the stars
the pigeons & flowers?
someday we will
realize his powers
when we end 
our earthly sojourn
   for a life forever...

then she leans across
  and softly kisses me...
i sleep in her lap
   as she watches over me...

it was the last scene
that took me into exile
as i drifted into sleep
   thinking of her smile...


within the safety of my bed
 i awake the next morning
 the sun streaming, 
 birds singing
 and bees buzzing
 somewhere down the road
 a neighbor was shouting
 i cuddle under the covers
   "just, don't want to stop dreaming..."


i recalled the events
of the night before,
serenade of the angels
   still played a distant echo...
deep within my soul
it made me realize
how insignificant we are
in God's holy guise !
it's not for us
to ask God to reveal
but to live our lives
   and to accept His will...


-gasper crasto 
 8th October, 2002

( inspired by words of a 'beloved angel' to create these verses... )


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