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a marriage made in heaven...
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Birth of Angel...30.10.2007


a marriage made in heaven...




We all know what a spectacle a wedding can be. A lot of money is spent trying to produce a perfect moment in time that will join a couple together in marital bliss. Typically, the church is decorated to the nines.., the bride is stunning in her pure white wedding dress and the groom stands nervous. It is a special moment in the lives of those two individuals and for the people who know and love them...

Weddings, here on earth, are a special thing! Everyone who has a wedding is looking for one thing: a marriage made in heaven !..

Well, I just want you to know that while some marriages may have been made in heaven, they still have to be lived out here on earth. That, in itself, makes them all less than perfect...

Just over the years, I was in a relationship with a girl who lived locally. She was a Christian and by all accounts a nice girl. However, inside me I knew that this was not the girl I would end up marrying. It's one of those things we try to ignore and hope it will change as things develop. On the surface there was nothing wrong with the relationship but deep inside I knew it would not lead to marriage...

Perhaps it was wrong of me to let it carry on like that, but I imagine many people will understand how hard it is to leave such a relationship. It's a massive step of faith to hang on to the belief that God really has chosen you something with a heavenly reason...

At this point let me just describe my relationship with God till now. I believe in God and accept all the stuff about Him 'loving me' in my head, but somewhere inside me I also know God with a 'big stick'. As stupid as this seems I feel that God always wanted to test me over things that I wanted. I felt that He would put something good in my path and then tell me that I couldn't have it... What would I do, take it or leave it?.. If I took it then God with His big stick would come along and beat me up. Sounds strange, doesn't it?...Yet I am sure that some of you will know exactly what I am talking about...

Well, forget it for the moment... Let us talk about an event in heaven that will take place while the earth is in the midst of a tribulation period. I want to tell you about a marriage made in Heaven...a royal wedding!


...the royal wedding

Typically, a wedding is followed by celebration. The time before a wedding, is usually filled with tremendous stress and many hours of preparation time.

In Heaven, things are different!.. I just want to say that if you and I intend to be in tune with Heaven, then we need to learn to use a little heavenly language. If something blesses your heart, just say Amen!. If the Lord is moving in your soul, just say alleluiah! I will guarantee you one thing. It won't hurt you!..

I realize that we live in a day when some people frown on old time worship of the Lord. I mean, it's all right for people to sing the alleluiah, but if they shout, they are considered nuts and fanatics!.. I just want you to know that old fashioned praising and glorifying God never goes out of style!..

At the time of the marriage in Heaven, God's plan for the ages will be finally complete. Since man sinned in the Garden of Eden, God has been working to bring man back into fellowship with Him. This was accomplished when Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Now, all those who place their faith in Jesus are saved by the grace of God and brought near to Him! This will be the most special moment in all the history of creation!

By the way, note that at this wedding, the groom, and not the bride, will be the center of attention. Down here, everything is on hold until they start playing the wedding march and the bride is in focus... In heaven, things are just a little different! It's not the bride, but it is the groom, the Lord Jesus who is the center of attention! If that happened here, there would be some angry women! However, over there, it won't matter in the least!

The bride (we) of Christ is in the midst of this engagement period right now ! We are just waiting to go to Him. The marriage would be completed and the couple would begin their lives together, and the wedding will continue with a celebration like nothing this universe has ever seen! The Lord Jesus is going to present His Bride with a celebration that will last 1,000 years!

After the wedding, we will return with Him to this earth. He will put down His enemies and establish His throne on this earth.


We all know about the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and England's rose Lady Diana Spencer. It was a spectacle of enormous cost and thousands of people watched that royal wedding. However, the world got to watch that same wedding collapse later as publicly as it had begun.

Friend, I am trying to tell you about a real royal wedding!.. One that will be attended by more people than any other in history. One that will be more extravagant than any in history. One that will produce a marriage that will last longer than any in history!

For those who are going, consider for a moment how you are preparing for that day! The time to prepare is today! The place to prepare is here! The person to prepare is you... Will you come and let the Lord work in your heart and life?.. Are you ready for that wedding in the sky?..

Theres going to be a marriage made in Heaven someday, but only the redeemed are invited. Does that include you? If not it can!.. Please come to Jesus and be saved.

(Specially written...incorporated with excerpts of prophetic interpretation from the Holy Book of Revelation - Chapter 19, enlightened in a letter written to me by my friend Sr. Philomena - Missionaries of Charity, Auxilium Convent, Barasat, West-Bengal).


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