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a love to hate...22/09/2002
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a love to hate...

uncover the 'proof' of actions and the truth...
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We need communication with other people and in many different ways, to be psychically healthy. This communication is always based on social relationships, which vary from being superficial neighbors to friends, lovers and relatives... These relationships are connected with feelings and they tend to sometimes develop in a very bizarre way. Friends can become lovers and lovers can become enemies and love can turn into hate...

Why do we people hate each other so much, that we have to come to a devastating conclusion... ?

a reason to hate...

Do you fear snakes, crocodiles and...scorpions ?...

Naturally...and that's why you 'hate' them too, because at a confrontation, your first reaction would be to kill them..., if possible. You may say you don't really hate them and that you only fear for some obvious reasons, but that is because these creatures are just reptiles and insects.

If there would be 'poisonous' people, say blood sucking vampires, you would surely hate them, wouldn't you?

In our every day relationships with people, where we love and hate, it isn't all that obvious and so during the centuries, philosophers and psychologists write their fingers blue trying to get to the depth of this love and a love to hate... 

some love, some hate...unreasonably !

Every living creature hates or declines anything for which it is vulnerable. In other words, hate is always based on a threat, causing fear. In consequence, whoever hates whatever it is, clearly is helpless in some way or the other - hate is a state of weakness...!

There is no such thing as hate without fear. If the feeling of hate results from fear, the feeling of love must result from desire..! Where the object of hate threatens with harm, the object of love promises reward. As the feeling of love results from desire and as it affects us, we are helpless. So love is also a state of weakness. All feelings of love and hate, must be selfish in essence.

In the case of hate, we have no problem with that: what is bad for my enemy, is good for me - pure selfishness.

In the case of love, we could say likewise, what is good for my lover is good for me, but we wouldn't dare call this selfishness though it is, of course. The difference is that you can 'trust' your enemy to harm you, whereas you cannot always trust your lover, friends, parents, or children to reward you.

 If you want 'trust', get yourself an enemy or a dog! Indeed, you can always trust your dog but not your cat... Stop feeding your cat and it will leave you to find a better place, whereas your dog eventually would starve on your doorstep; it won't leave you - why?.. is that, love?... It's not that simple, because neither cat nor a dog pretends - if they show you their affection, it is real! Nevertheless, your 'loving' cat may leave you without notice...but your dog won't.

Our thinking brain complicates everything beyond recognition. We live in an artificial system of morals, ethics and values, where we reason about our relationships with others and so we often have unrealistic demands and expectations from them. We believe in 'romance', but we do not realize (rather not) the supporting addiction and obsession behind it...

Conclusion: In the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna enlightens each human toward the ultimate conclusion: 'Everyone must engage in some sort of activity in this material world. The 'actions' can either bind one to this world or liberate one from it...'

Indeed, 'unselfish love' is irrational, something poets have known through all times: "I love you for a hundred thousand reasons, but most of all I love you cause you're you..."

From here, I leave you to your own thoughts...
-gasper crasto

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