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are you at the receiving end..?
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are you at the receiving end...?


I constantly used to be the butt of practical jokes at parties initially in Kuwait, and I know what it feels like to be at the receiving end...

On almost every occasion, one particular fellow would gather all his friends and start gossiping about me. Initially I just felt a bit hurt but this guy kept habitually picking on me to make himself the 'star' of the occasion.

Most of the gossip spread was either pure lies or a highly exaggerated version of the truth... I began to realize that this was affecting the way my friends dealt with me as well... Such people are menace to society. They may succeed in amusing their friends but at the expense of a helpless person.

From my experiences, I have learnt some things which I want to share with you. 

      Never disclose any of your private matters unnecessarily...

      Believe more in the caption given to the 'friendsPage' of my website: 'You may find your worst enemy or your best friend in yourself'...

      Do not give anybody a chance to pick on you. Try to be as perfect as possible....

      Be assertive. Once you show that you respect yourself, nobody will even think of baiting you.

...Let us all try to be useful to the people around us... Let us project ourselves in better LIGHT by enhancing our own capabilities rather by putting down others.


gasper crasto,

voice: 00965 9502 686



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