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Please do not Forward


This is a wonderful world we live in. Unimaginable development in science and technology has changed the face of the world. Internet of all inventions has made it more amazing. The wonders of cyberspace have brought inter-continental comms convenience to our homes and offices which has ultimately made Internet the central nervous system of the world...

Staying in touch with friends and family far away is a matter of typing and clicking. Life with the Net is certainly better than it was without it. But it has also brought a number of hoaxes and unsolicited junk right to our desks.

Anyone who has set up an e-mail account is susceptible to check the mails once in a while. The first thing one does on the Net is click on the mail-box and expectantly open messages from loved ones and friends eager to read the contents.

But to utter disappointment the message is one of those chain mails asking you to pass it on to anyone you have an e-mail address or forward it to 10 other people you know, with a promise of good fortune or an immediate miracle if you do so and sometimes scary details of bad luck that might befall you if you ignore!

Personally, I am one of the Net's greatest fans. I have researched the Net closely enough and I have observed many proven hoaxes which are circulated by nasty impostors supposedly for their own amusement. Many innocent people fall prey to these cons. That children are deceived on the Net is understandable, that adults get fooled is not so!

I often wonder why even some wise and honorable people who are well informed about the current state of affairs fall prey to this kind of deception and forward such type of mails without even a second thought. Could it be a compulsive desire to get something free if they so could or be a good Samaritan without much of a sweat?

All messages that tell you that someone or some company will donate money to a sick or dying child or even for some named adult; or promise you a free ticket or cash or a gift for forwarding the e-mail are hoaxes!

What's so sad is that, real children are sick and we're too busy forwarding e-mails about fictitious humans to help them. It is not possible for any message of this sort to be true. If you really want to help a child, call or visit a hospital, or make a donation or volunteer. There's no such thing as an easy shortcut to help people or win prizes.

Mailing and sms-ing is a great means of communication. But in the same breath it can be a cause of distaste. I guess every e-mail and mobile user has that personal responsibility of being a censor and stopping a chain message hoax. Just because one has addresses of friends handy, it does not give us the right to flood them with any scrap at all. One would not be very different from spamsters sending messages irresponsibly.

We know that we just cannot block or unsubscribe our own friends from mailing us. Asking a friend to exclude you from such mails may sound impolite. The best one can do is not to forward any of the 'good luck' or other such type of mails. These are really irritating. Believe me, even your closest friend will mutter curses when he has to read them...

By being a little sensible and behaving responsibly you'll be contributing to stop this kind of menace. Learn to respect other people's time with a simple 'hi' which will invoke happiness and blessings in return....And since you have read so far, you perhaps agree with the spirit of this article. So, why not spread the message around for the awareness of the cyber-kind by forwarding it to 10 other people you know!...:)


gasper crasto,

voice: 00965 9502 686

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