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Birth of Angel...30.10.2007

cyndi crasto


H O L I D A Y S...

come holidays
come freedom
welcome joy
bye-bye wisdom
...time to move
time to run
do as I want
have some fun


  too much studies...
i've had enough !
now, it's time
to dance & laugh
a chance to leave
my books behind
lose my worries
rest my mind
relax my eyes
from all the strain
flex my body
bones and brain
a halt for studies
science and maths
a break from school
  exams & tests...
it's time to float
be a butterfly
jump and hop
and touch the sky
move around
with my playing gear
cause i am free
  the HOLIDAYS are here!..
-written by:
 cyndi crasto
The Asian School, Bahrain
(15th March, 2003)


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